16 Jan 16- 6 Feb. 2019/ Women and places in my mind/ ١٦ كانون الثاني-٦ شباط ٢٠١٩/ نساء و أماكن في ذهني


Henry Matthews Art Exhibition:

Women and places in my mind

Jan 16- Feb. 6 2019
Galerie, Ras Beirut Cultural Center
@Golden Tulip Serenada,
Abdel Aziz Street, Hamra
For more info call: 01 755 550
03 754 425/ hm06@aub.edu.lb

ُIncluded are 70 acrylics/oils/pastelle paintings (more than 20 years retrospective)

The exhibition is curated by May Haddad

Technical support: Mohammad Al-Hassan and Bilal Nasser

Special Thanks to Golden Tulip Serenada staff for their support


Henry Matthews as a painter:

Henry Matthews loves to paint as he regards painting as a bridge to another world, and emotion. He calls the experience of painting enjoyable healing, and recalls students of his art classes going out “transformed and upbeat”. The female form and face are his favorite subjects.

An avowed romantic, Henry paints women and memories that left teeth marks on his soul. At times, he painted passionately without interruption for months. An explorer by nature, he explored several means of expression, mixing feelings and media, prose and poetry.

A long-time resident of Ras Beirut, Henry painted for years before displaying his art adventures. For him, a painting is an instant snapshot of his soul and this made him hesitant to expose his work. 

His first exhibitions took place in the American University of Beirut (AUB) where he is employed. Since then, Henry has held several exhibitions of his paintings and about Lebanese comic books.

Henry briefly studied engineering in AUB in the late 1970s. At the time AUB had no fine arts program and he went to its sister Lebanese American University (called then Beirut University College), where he graduated in 1980 with a BA in Fine Arts. He also studied graphic design and creative writing, and taught art and graphics in AUB and International College (IC).

Quotes about painting:


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screen shot 2019-01-28 at 3.54.27 pm
In parallel, Henry worked in the comics industry for many years. He produced an encyclopedia of Lebanese comics in 2010 with funding from the Beirut World Book Capital initiative. Henry’s love affair with comics shows in his artwork.
More about Henry:


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Facebook events

Women and Places in My Mind has been additionally posted at:
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Henry in the Media

Interview at عالم الصباح
Interview published in L’Orient Le Jour (1 Feb. 2019)
Henry MatthewsOLJ FullScreen Shot 2019-02-02 at 7.13.54 PM
Henry in his last day of the exhibition Feb 6 2019
Kindly contact the artist for inquiries about his art works

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