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 مركز رأس بيروت الثقافي هو في فضاء غولدن توليب سيرينادا /ش عبد العزيز، الحمرا، بيروت

يهدف مركز راس بيروت الثقافي تعزيز الثقافة و الفنون في منطقة رأس بيروت
ينجذب الزوار الى العروض العامة المجانية ، التي ننظمها في قاعات المبنى المذهل في
 غولدن توليب سيرينادا- الحمرا
   العروض المميزة من الموسيقى والرقص والمسرح
والشعر والأفلام والمحاضرات
والمعارض الفنية و إمضاء المطبوعات
يجعلها من الأماكن الثقافية الجذابة في بيروت

معاً، نعيد الثقافة و الفنون إلى رأس بيروت


Ras Beirut Cultural Center RBCC @ Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel-Hamra, corner of Abdel Aziz and Makdessi streets, Beirut, Lebanon

The center aims at reviving culture in Ras Beirut area by hosting free cultural events that are open to the public included are arts exhibitions, book signing, theater, poetry reading and other. Events are organized in the Venues of the stunning landmark building of Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel-Hamra, the Home of Ras Beirut Cultural Center.

Come for the beauty, stay for the events.



Ras Beirut Cultural Center @ Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel-Hamra, corner of Abdel Aziz and Makdessi Streets
Tel 01 755 550

Entrance to the galerie is either from Golden Tulip Serenada hotel main entrance or Fawzi Burj Hamam restaurant

Parking opposite Golden Tulip Serenada/ Valet parking is available at Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel

Wheel chair accessibility, kindly enter from Fawzi Burj Hamam entrance and use the elevator to the galerie at the mezannine


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Face book https://www.facebook.com/RasBeirutCulturalCenter/

Blog  https://rbcc.home.blog/

Web (under construction) http://www.midtownbeirut.com/rbcc


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This Blog:

May Haddad constructed this blog that is dedicated to all the friends/artists/people who are contributing to the development of Ras Beirut Cultural Center.

Most of the contents are authored/designed/prepared/photographed/filmed by May.

With love & gratitude


Progress August-15-October 10 2019:

By October 10, 50 people have contributed to more than 40 cultural events organized at RBCC.

Included are artists/painters/ actors/ ceramists/ musicians/ authors/ animators/ singers/photographers. Events included: arts/ceramics/photography/installation exhibitions, interactive events, events for children, dancing, music and singing, performances, arts demonstrations, film projections, books review/signing, talks, arts tours, dialogue with artists etc.